Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I join Urwego TCB?

A. By forming a self-help group or joining an existing group.


Q. What are the requirements for the group?

A. The group must not be less than fifteen members and maximum of 30 members


Q. How long does it take for a client to be funded?

A. Once a client joins the TCB, they will undergo training for a period of 8 weeks. The client then can borrow.


Q. Who are the target customers for TCB?

A. Any Rwandan aged 18 years and above, who is financially active may be organized or registered under a particular group or as individuals. Cooperative and association should be legally registered and have physical address.


Q. What is TCB Core business?

A. Provide credit to all Rwandan for enterprise development uses social collateral as guarantee.


Q. What is the maximum amount of loan one can get and for how long?

A. You can obtain any maximum of RWF 1,000,000 reparable in four months.


Q. How many times can I get TCB loan?

A. Unlimited loans, as long as you are not a defaulter


Q. What are the requirements/ conditions for getting TCB loan?

A. For groups; You must be a member of a group and trained by Urwego bank, You must demonstrate an ability to repay the loan.


Q. Is there a grace period?

A. Yes, one-week grace period.


Q. What securities are acceptable to tcb loans?

A. This is a social guarantee; the bank does not require a collateral. The group members guarantee one another


Q. Are there any hidden charges on the TCB loan?

A. No. There are no hidden charges.


Q. What type of loans do you give?

A. We offer financial solutions to all your needs (see our products or call 5151)


Q. Do you give individual loans?

A: Yes.


Q. What are the requirements?

A. Conventional securities and the individual must demonstrate the ability to repay.



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