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    Urwego is Rwanda’s largest financial institution engaged in microfinance services.  It serves more than 75,000 clients across the country, most of whom would not have had access to financial services previously.  In collaboration with one of the strongest banks in Rwanda and EAC, Urwego is planning to offer remittance services through various delivery channels, such as Western Union. Customers are now able to send or receive funds anywhere in the world.  Whether for business, education, healthcare or any other reason, this service will allow family members to exchange money quickly and safely. Our clients are also able to send funds to and receive funds from any financial institution in Rwanda.



    FX services are essential to our business expansion plan.  While many of our customers are small business owners dealing in local currency, we also have some clients who purchase stock and other business needs from neighboring countries.  These customers need various foreign currencies, such as dollars, to facilitate transactions. Also, the clients who receive foreign currency funds are now able to receive the funds in local currency. FX services allow both Urwego clients and the general public to buy and sell foreign currencies within the bank, rather than having to go elsewhere for these services.



    Urwego's mobile banking product, “mHose”, has been designed to allow Urwego to reach those customers who are currently poorly served by the formal financial sector by offering a range of affordable and accessible financial services. Customers have access to their Urwego account through their phone and so have easy and affordable access to savings, credit and insurance products, including the ability to receive and repay their loan through mHose. They can also perform a number of other services such as send and receive money, purchase airtime and pay their bills.


    Customers can make deposits and withdrawals at any of the mHose Agents that Urwego have registered throughout Rwanda. This gives them much greater access to their account than having to rely on Urwego branches.


    mHose is offered in partnership with VISA's interoperable mobile banking platform "mVISA". This allows Urwego clients to transact with the customers and Agents of other banks signed up to the mVISA platform, and allows Urwego Agents to serve the customers of other banks. This gives Urwego customers and Agents much greater flexibility than other closed loop systems.

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